• 36th PSG & GI - (KP Chapter) Annual Conference
  • Venue: PC Peshawar
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Scientific Program

Day 2 (29th Feb 2020)

0800hrs–0850hrs Free Papers (HALL - A)
Chair Jehanzeb Afridi, Farrukh Saeed, David Nylander, Fahim Butt, Tahir Ullah

Session 6

Luminal Gastroenterology

Moderator Shafqat
Chair Ikramullah, Sheikh Suhail, Alamzeb M, Najamul Hasan, Rehman uddin
Time Topic Speakers
0900hrs–0925hrs Keynote Lecture: Esophageal motility disorders Serhat Bor
0925hrs–0945hrs Management of Upper GI bleed-- Physicians perspective Gary Davies
0945hrs–1000hrs Endoscopic pitfalls in GI bleeding Waqar Ahmad
1000hrs–1020hrs The small Bowel - Accessible at last? David Nylander
1020hrs–1030hrs Gastro JIRGA: Panel Discussion  
1030hrs–1045hrs Tea Break

Session 7


Moderator Abdul Malik
Chair S.M.Munir, Sherbat Khan, Shoab Shafi, Prof. Muhammad Iqbal, Syed Akhtar Shah
Time Topic Speakers
1045hrs–1105hrs Keynote Lecture: Breakthroughs in Hepatology 2020: Stems cells and regenerating the liver Martin James
1105hrs–1120hrs Controversies in Hepatology: Is Anticoagulation appropriate for all patients with PVT?  Sakkarin Chirapongsathorn
1120hrs–1135hrs Transplant Hepatology: What do Gastroenterologists need to know? Nadeem Tehami
1135hrs–1150hrs Sepsis and the Liver Patient Saqib Ahmad 
1150hrs–1205hrs End of life care in chronic liver disease. David Nylander
1150hrs–1215hrs Gastro JIRGA: case studies and panel discussion  

Session 8


Moderator Shumail Zafar
Chair Dr. Javed Aslam Butt, Sadiq Memon, Altaf Alam, Fazle Manan
Time Topic Speakers
1045hrs–1105hrs Basic Endoscopy training for GI trainees Athar Saeed
1100hrs–1115hrs Gastroenterology Training in Pakistan - A paradigm shift Muhammad Umar 
1115hrs–1130hrs Accreditation of Endoscopist Saad Niaz
1130hrs–1145hrs Minimal standards of endoscopy units Ghias un Nabi Tayyab
1145hrs–1200hrs We need a JAG Raheel Qureshi
1200hrs–1215hrs We need a GRS Faheem Butt

Session 9


Moderator Shah Yousaf
Chair Saad Niaz, Anis ul Haq, Ghiyas un Nabi Tayyab, Mujahid Hussain
Time Topic Speakers
1215hrs–1235hrs Keynote Lecture: Acute Pancreatitis: Drains or stents: when and when not to use intervention M. Khalid Hasan
1235hrs–1250hrs Chronic Pancreatitis: endoscopic vs surgical management Waqar Ahmad
1250hrs–1305hrs Post ERCP pancreatitis Goran Hauser
1305hrs–1320hrs How to avoid complications during ERCP? Athar Saeed
1320hrs–1335hrs Controversies in Pancreatology: Patients with SOD require sphincterotomy? Martin James
1335hrs–1345hrs Gastro JIRGA: Panel Discussion  

Session 10

Endoscopy Accessories

Moderator Zabeehullah
Chair Ikramullah, Habib Jadoon, Zafar Hayat, Prof. Masood ur Rehman, Sadiq Shah
Time Topic Speakers
1215hrs–1230hrs Esophageal Stent-- Made in Pakkstan Murtaza Ali 
1230hrs–1245hrs Endoscopy Equipment-- the short cut to cut cost  Ghulam Sabir Gill
1245hrs–1300hrs Expired Endoscopy Accessories-- the problem with customs Asif Jan
1300hrs–1315hrs Making Accessories in Pakistan--why don't we have world beating companies Atif Mian
1315hrs–1330hrs HeartFile Ihtiram Khattak
1330hrs–1345hrs Gastro JIRGA: Panel Discussion  
1345hrs–1430hrs Prayers and Lunch Break

Session 11

Moderator Jawad
Chair Amjad Salamat, Shahzad Riaz, Javed Iqbal Farooqi, Naveed Anwar
Time Topic Speakers
1430hrs – 1450hrs Keynote Lecture: Colonic Stenting Deepak Dwarakanath
1450hrs – 1505hrs Performance measures for lower GI endoscopy Mumtaz Hayat
1505hrs – 1525hrs Upper GI Endoscopic talk Deepak Dwarakanath
1525hrs – 1540hrs The current roles and future directions of EUS Bidour Awadelkarim
1540hrs – 1555hrs Gastro JIRGA: case studies and panel discussion  
1555hrs–1615hrs Tea Break

Session 12


Moderator Khalid Hameed
Chair Prof. Iftikhar, Sher Rehman, Kamran Hassan, Hashmatullah, Intikhab Alam, Muhammad Omar Khan
Time Topic Speakers
1615hrs–1635hrs Gastrointestinal Minimally Invasive Surgery. A new era of excellence in pediatric care Iftikhar Jan
1635hrs–1650hrs IgG4 related diseases Bulent Baran
1650hrs–1705hrs GI Training in UK Bidour Awadelkarim
1705hrs–1720hrs Report of new ideas and practice in endoscopic therapy in China Bingrong Liu
1720hrs–1735hrs Submucosal Tunneling Endoscopic Resecton (STER): applications,training and challenges Meidong Xu
1735hrs–1750hrs EFTR in colorectal disease Yunshi Zhong
1750hrs–1800hrs Gastro JIRGA: case studies and panel discussion  

Session 13

Translating Research into Policy

Moderator Prof. Akhtar Sherin
Chair Prof. Najibul Haq, Sumera Shams, Tahir Nadeem, Inayat Ullah
Time Topic Speakers
Introduction of the Session Prof Najibul Haq
Situation analysis and budgeting priorities PIPH (Prof. Saeed Anwar)
1700hrs–1720hrs What needs to be done Guest Speaker
Gastro JIRGA:  
Time Event
1815hrs–1900hrs General Body Meeting (Khushal Hall)
1915hrs–2030hrs Gala Dinner (Cultural Evening)
Nishtar Hall