• 36th PSG & GI - (KP Chapter) Annual Conference
  • Venue: PC Peshawar
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Scientific Program

Day 1 (28th Feb 2020)

0800hrs–0850hrs Free Papers (HALL - A)
Chair Mohsin Rashid, Athar Saeed, Arshad Jamal Butt, Nadeem Tehami, Zafar Abbas

Session 1

Luminal Gastroenterology / Upper GI Pathology

Moderator Kamran Hassan
Chair A.H. Aamir, M. Ijaz, M.Sadiq Achazkzai, Anwar A Khan, Haroon Yousaf
Time Topic Speakers
0900hrs–0915hrs Diet and alternative therapy for functional dyspepsia Ishfaq Ahmad
0915hrs–0930hrs Management of Diabetic Gastroenteropathy Hamid Awad Khan
0930hrs–0950hrs Controversies in functional bowel diseases: We find management of IBS challenging because it exposes our limitations. Zafar Abbas
0950hrs–1015hrs State of the Art Lecture: by President RCPEd Prof. Derek Bell. OBE
1015hrs–1030hrs Tea Break
1030hrs–1245hrs Inaugural Session
1245hrs–1415hrs Lunch and Jumma Prayers

Session 2

Luminal Gastroenterology / Lower GI Pathology

Moderator Amanullah
Chair Badar Fayaz Zuberi, Khalid Hameed, Qadir Khan, Tassawar Hussain
Time Topic Speakers
1415hrs–1435hrs Keynote Lecture: New insights and therapies in inflammatory bowel disease Raheel Qureshi
1435hrs–1450hrs Stricturing Crohn's Disease Pises Pisespongsa
1450hrs–1505hrs IBD related CRC Deepak Dwarakanath
1505hrs–1520hrs Colorectal Cancer Screening - Learning from the UK Screening Program David Nylander
1520hrs–1535hrs Colorectal cancer screening Uncertainties: Do we need a program for Pakistani population? Mumtaz Hayat
1535hrs–1550hrs Gastro JIRGA: Panel Discussion  

Session 3

Paediatric Gastroenterology /

Moderator Fakhr Alam
Chair Huma Cheema, Prof. Abdul Hameed, Prof. Muhammad Sabir, Farzana Shafqat
Time Topic Speakers
1415hrs–1435hrs Keynote Lecture:Chronic Abdominal Pain in Children:Understanding Gut-Brain Axis Mohsin Rashid
1435hrs–1455hrs Endoscopic Advances in the Management of Pediatric Benign Esophageal Diseases Fan Zhining
1455hrs–1510hrs Refeeding Syndrome - the do's and don't Ishfaq Ahmad
1510hrs–1530hrs Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome: Diagnosis and Management Mohsin Rashid
1530hrs–1550hrs Gastro JIRGA: Panel Discussion  
1550hrs–1615hrs Tea Break & Prayers

Session 4

Luminal Gastroenterology / Small Bowel Pathology

Moderator Asim Anwar
Chair Salih, Javed Afridi, Saud Rao, Mian Asad Ullah Jan
Time Topic Speakers
1615hrs–1635hrs Keynote Lecture: Fecal microbiota transfer- our first experience Davor Stimac
1635hrs–1650hrs Gut Microbiota and roles of Pre- and Pro-biotics Varocha Mahachai
1650hrs–1705hrs Video Capsule Endoscopy: Short bowel inflammation, Ulcers and beyond Faheem Butt
1705hrs–1715hrs Gastro JIRGA: Panel Discussion  

Session 5

Nutrition /

Moderator Abdul Malik
Chair Moazummuddin, Zahid Azam, Intikhab Alam, Amjad Taqweem, Hamayun
Time Topic Speakers
1615hrs–1635hrs Keynote Lecture: Coeliac Disease – From Celtic to Pakistan, An anthropological journey Mohsin Rashid
1635hrs–1650hrs PEG - benefits & complications -how to improve service Saqib Ahmad
1650hrs–1705hrs Recognizing and Assessing Malnutrition in hospitalized patients Hamid Awad Khan
1705hrs–1715hrs Gastro JIRGA: Panel Discussion  
1715hrs–1730hrs Tea Break & Prayers
Time Event
1730hrs End of Day 1
  Executive Council Meeting (1715hrs–1800hrs)
Khushal Hall